Kahtiki Khan
Kahtiki Khan roaring


Jungle of Mystery




Stunning Zuma

Kahtiki Khan is the first boss you will encounter in Zuma's Revenge!. This boss is easy, as stone balls take 3/4th of a heart, with the last shot taking away a full heart and 1/4th of his remaining health. His gimmick is shooting skulls, which stuns Zuma for a few seconds.

Intro Edit

Kahtiki Khan will appear on the board, daring you to shoot a ball at him. Shoot a ball at him and try to defeat him.

Strategy Edit

Do the intro, and try to clear balls as fast as you can. If the path is clear, go shoot him. It takes six shots to defeat him.

Heroic Frog Edit

In Heroic Frog mode, it takes 10 shots to defeat Kahtiki. He moves around more often, fires his skill attack more often, and his skull attacks move faster, making it harder to dodge. In addition, purple balls are in play.

Quotes Edit

Adventure Mode:

You broke my mouth! My tongue's hanging out all like GLAAAAAAAAH! My four brothers will avenge my tongue!

Heroic Frog:

Coconuts! Shattered! Beyond repair! My tongue's doing no better than the first time! You really know your balls!