Jungle of Mystery
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Boss difficulty


Unlocked after

At the start of the game

Challenge Cup name and image

Mettle of the Monkey MoTM

The Jungle of Mystery is the first area of Zuma's Revenge!.

Levels Edit

"Reach this level in Iron Frog Gauntlet to play it."
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  1. Shipwrecked!
  2. Castaway
  3. Echo Beach
  4. Bones of an Idol
  5. Switchback Slider*
  6. Jungle Clearing**
  7. Sand Trap
  8. Nasal Passage
  9. Creeper Corpse^
  10. Darkness Falls

Symbol legend: *Slider level | **Checkpoint level | ^Dual-curve level

Boss: Kahtiki Khan Edit

This boss is relatively easy. It takes only six shots to successfully defeat him. If the player is facing the boss for the first time, it is highly recommended for the player to first clear up the chain and then fire shots at the boss. If the player gets hit by Kahtiki's attack, Zuma will roll around, unable to fire balls for a few seconds.