Iron Frog is an secret mode in Zuma's Revenge!. It is unlocked after beating Adventure Mode.

Iron Frog



Boss difficulty


Unlocked after

After beating Adventure Mode

Challenge Cup name and image

Peacock's Provocation Peacock Cup

Levels Edit

"Reach this level in Iron Frog Gauntlet to play it."
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The level names are from Challenge mode, from pausing every level, showing their level names.
  1. Serpent Stare
  2. Fungal Fatality
  3. Lot's Wife
  4. Future Fuels
  5. Fossil Food^
  6. What is that thing?
  7. Creeper Creeps
  8. Web Two Point Oh*
  9. As The Worm Turns
  10. Chew Your Food

Symbol legend: *Slider level | ^Dual-curve level

Trivia Edit

  • Iron Frog level 5 was featured in Zuma Blitz
  • Iron Frog level 8's name is a reference to how to pronounce "Web 2.0" correctly.
  • Iron Frog level 10's name is a reference to how to eat properly.
  • If you fail in Iron Frog, you could try it again from the very beginning. The "no more second chances" is a lie so the game could make you panic, but also means you have only one life to clear the entire gauntlet.