Baron Digo
Baron Digo getting attacked by his soul's lightning which was hidden in his victims' ribcages.


Lost City




Ball Confusion

Baron Digo is the third boss you will encounter in Zuma's Revenge! This boss' difficulty is Normal. His gimmick is ball confusion.

Pre-Battle Description Edit

"No Arrow could pierce his stony hide

But even so, wicked Baron Digo cut up his soul

And hid it in the ribcages of his victims"

Meanings Edit

No Arrow (Or in this case Ball) could pierce his stony hide- Baron Digo Taking less Damage from normal shots

wicked Baron Digo cut up his soul and hid it in the ribcages of his victims- The Baron's Weakness is his own soul, hidden in the ribcages Shown between you and him

Boss Fight Edit

Baron Digo, despite having the same amount of hearts as the other five bosses, takes the longest to defeat without the correct strategy, with Zuma's balls dealing only a quarter heart of damage, though rib-cages show up in the middle of the field, some filled with blue orbs, destroying them grants you a shot that not only pierces shots but also grants a full heart of damage to the Baron. If any of the heads he shoots hit you, the Dazed ailment is applied and the balls randomly switch colors (But still act as the ball's original color, So three Adjacent balls of a different color can be destroyed, Due to them originally being Balls of the same colors)

Trivia Edit

  • He has the least health damage on balls, with being 1/4 of hearts.
  • He is the only boss with a power-up used exclusively for his battle (The Blue Orb).
  • When you get hit by his ball confusion attack, some white balls will appear even though the white ball has not yet been encountered as of the time this boss takes place in.
  • Baron Digo makes a cameo in Plants vs. Zombies, in where he appears when scrolling down in the Achievements menu, along with other Popcap characters.